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Fast, efficient, and reliable, we are a reputable and well-known Painting Service company serving the Greater Toronto Area for more than 8 years.

Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work, which is why we provide open communication channels throughout every step of the way, we use strict quality standards, supply the best paint products available in the market, and use the latest technology and techniques available. 


ARTECO'S difference.

3 Reasons to choose ARTECO.


SAFETY is our number 1 priority.

We train our employees and ensure that all our teams follow all the required safety protocols and procedures to ensure their safety and guarantee our clients safety as well. 

Every year our employees go through all the required safety courses and certifications and they are fully prepared to safely work under any circumstances. 

Additionally our employees go through a total criminal background check during the hiring process and their attitudes and personalities fully align with our core values and ethics.


One of our biggest advantages is our Knowledge and Expertise in the field. We closely follow the market and try every new product that becomes available in the market. By having a deep understanding of every product and its specific use, we rigorously test every product and compare results to ensure we only use and recommend the best products in the market for our clients for every use or budget. 


Experience the difference! 

We are committed to provide our customers with the BEST customer experience they can get. Fast and efficient scheduling and booking. 

Kind, courteous, and friendly team members, clear and fast communication. Effective and accurate services. Great warranty call responses and so much more. 

Our customers are the core of our attention at all times. 

Interior Home Painting

Our Interior home painting services comes with a 5 year warranty, 100% Satisfaction guaranteed and top quality paint products that we've rigorously tested and have ensured that they provide beautiful, long lasting results at a reasonable price. 

Commercial Interior Painting

Our Commercial painting services come with a comprehensive 5 year warranty thats perfect for business owner or real estate investors. Business owners and investors can benefit from our fast response and fast turnarounds giving them the ability to get their business or investment property ready in no time. 

Small Interior Painting

Year Round we provide our clients that are looking to paint only a room or just a small area the ability to book our services unlike other competitors especially during the summer months. 

Exterior Home Painting

Our exterior home painting services come with a 3 to 5 years warranty and a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our crews and team members follow all the Safety measures and protocols and we ensure that all of our members are certified and trained to use various lifting equipment, work at heights, and more. 

Commercial Exterior Painting

We understand how important a great curb appeal is. Our Commercial Exterior Painting crews are trained to efficiently and accurately transform or re-fresh any surfaces and make our customer stand out. 

Small Exterior Painting

No matter if its a front door, a small window or a garage door. ARTECO will answer the call. 

Some of the Brand and Retailers we work with:

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